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January 29, 2023

Compensation stage � the clinical picture is almost completely absent. Sometimes pain occurs in the abdomen, but when the diet is normalized, this symptom goes away quite quickly. Subcompensation stage � regular constipation, abdominal pain,excessive flatulence. At this stage of the disease, laxatives no longer have the desired effect, so it is necessary to do an enema to alleviate the condition. The decompensation stage is a severe stage of the disease, which leads to the formation of fecal stones. There is a pronounced clinical picture - the patient is constantly tormented by constipation and bloating. To empty the intestines, a siphon enema is required.

It should be noted that this pathological process most often occurs in children under three years of age, namely when the introduction of complementary foods begins. Based on the nature of the clinical picture, the following forms of development of this disease are distinguished. Based on the localization of the pathological process, the following forms of its course are distinguished: If there is an asymptomatic form of the disease, then specific treatment, as a rule, is not required. The patient is prescribed a diet and also given general recommendations. The symptoms of this pathological process are nonspecific, so self-medication is strongly not recommended, but you should seek help from a doctor.

In general, the clinical picture will be characterized as follows. Feces in this pathological process contain mucus and blood and have an extremely unpleasant odor. Acts of defecation become very rare and painful, which leads to a serious deterioration in a person�s well-being. If treatment is not started in a timely manner, the current pathological process is complicated by intestinal obstruction, scarring of tadacip pills of this organ, and the development of inflammatory and infectious processes. In this case, the general clinical picture will be supplemented by specific symptoms.

The symptoms of such a disease do not make it possible to suggest the cause of their occurrence, so a thorough diagnosis should be carried out. The first step is a physical examination with palpation of the anus. During this stage of diagnosis, the doctor does the following. Also additionally carried out. In some cases, differential diagnosis regarding the following diseases is required. Based on the results of clinical studies, the doctor will determine the nature of the pathological process and also prescribe effective treatment.

Treatment will depend on the form and stage of the disease; etiological factors, the general condition of the body and the risk of complications are also taken into account. If the initial stage occurs, then treatment will be conservative - medications, diet and special exercises are prescribed. In any case, therapy will be complex and carried out in a hospital setting. The pharmacological part of the treatment is based on the following drugs. The diet is determined only on an individual basis, but it must be followed. This factor is one of the fundamental ones in the treatment of this tadacip of gastroenterological diseases.

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If conservative treatment does not give the desired result or is not at all effective due to the stage of development of the disease, then an operation is performed - laparotomy or laparoscopy.

In the postoperative period, adherence to dietary nutrition and general lifestyle recommendations is also required. It is necessary to buy tadacip online a preventive medical examination every few months. Lack of therapy can lead to the following complications.

It should also be understood that inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract can cause extremely serious complications, some of which may be irreversible. With timely treatment, the prognosis is favorable. Prevention is as follows.

It is mandatory to undergo a systematic medical examination by doctors, which will help to detect the disease in a timely manner. Self-medication is unacceptable.